The Pizza Yeti of Howard County

Pizza Yeti hungry!


Pizza Yeti hungry!

Me like food.  Me roam through home, called Howard County by civil humans, searching for food.  Me try hamburgers.  Me try steak.  Me try chicken.  Me try tacos.  Me try (blech!) salad.  All bad!

Then me try PIZZA!  Me like pizza.  Me LOVE pizza!  Me not meet pizza me not like.  Me try to find BEST pizza in HoCo.  Me still searching.

Me try Pizza Hut. Papa John’s.  Domino’s.  Pizza Boli’s.  Little Caesar’s.  Jerry’s. Sbarro’s.  Flippin’ Pizza.  Blaze.  MOD.  Pie 5.  Squisito.  Chuck E. Cheese.  Pizza Yeti hate chains!  Some pizza good, some pizza bad, no pizza great.

But me find other pizza me like.  Me LOVE Ledo pizza!  Good sweet sauce, smoked provolone cheese, thin, crisp crust… Ledo pizza good!  Square pizza okay.  This chain okay.  But me like original Ledo Restaurant in College Park best.  Also like TJ Elliot’s in Bowie.

Me also try Facci, Lucero’s, Luna Bella, Pasta Blitz, Pazani, Pizza John’s, Pub Dog, Three Brothers, Tomato Palace, Waterloo, Roma’s, Trattoria E Pizzeria, Gateway Pizza, Vennari’s, La Pizza Banca, Royal Pizza, Pizza Presto, Wings Things & Pizza, Pizza Primetime, Grotto, Coal Fire, and Mama Lucia.  All close to home.  Some pizza good, some pizza bad, no pizza great.

Pizza Yeti explore other places.  Me try to find pizza in Baltimore.  Me find good pizza, like Matthew’s and Iggie’s and Joe Squared.  Me try to find pizza in DC.  Me find good pizza, like matchbox and Armand’s and 2 Amy’s.  Pizza Yeti go to New York and Chicago.  Pizza really good in New York and Chicago.  Me come home to HoCo and me can’t find GREAT pizza.

Where do Pizza Yeti go to find GREAT pizza?  Me keep looking.

Me find computer and make pizza blog.  No can eat pizza blog.  But me can tell Civil Humans in HoCo about good pizza.  Maybe find great pizza some day.  Some day.

ROAWR!  Pizza Yeti go look for great pizza.  Me blog later.

Royal Pizza Subs & Wings


Pizza Yeti HUNGRY!  Me order pizza!  Me LOVE pizza!  Me try ROYAL PIZZA SUBS & WINGS!

Pizza come fast!  Civil Pizza Delivery Human did good.  That good cuz me HUNGRY!  Me get large thin crust with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers.  Me eat half of pizza.  Pizza is good.  Nice taste, not too salty or spicy.  Good average pizza.  No frills.  Me no like frills.  Frills are ridiculous.  Royal Pizza not have frills.  All toppings taste fresh.  Lots of toppings.  That good, too.

Me save leftover pizza for later.  Me store in cave fridge.  Cave fridge is cold, so pizza get cold fast.  Me find old pizza in cave fridge.  Hmmmm…me don’t remember where old pizza come from.  Me smell old pizza.  It smell fine.  Me decide old pizza still okay, so me save for snack.

Me wait until next day to eat more Royal pizza.  Me heat in cave oven.  Cave oven big.  Not big like pizza oven, but big like cave oven.  Pizza not take long to reheat.  Then me eat rest of pizza.  Pizza taste better than when me order.  Crust is crustier…crispier.  Me like.  Cheese is okay.  Just enough.  Lots of mushroom and peppers, and pepperoni.  Me like lots of toppings.

Royal Pizza not great pizza.  Royal okay pizza.  Pizza Yeti order again sometime.  ROAWR!

Me give Royal Pizza 2 and half fishies out of 5.  <>< <>< <>

Vennari’s Pizza & Subs


Pizza Yeti hungry for pizza, so me order from Vennari’s Pizza & Subs on Yelp Eat 24 app.  Me like Yelp app because it is same sound other animals make when me step on them.

So me order Combo Supreme Pizza, which has 2 meats and 2 veggies.  Me like meats and veggies.  Mine has pepperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, and green peppers.  It take awhile for civil delivery human to bring pizza.  He call me on Pizza Yeti iPhone (number unlisted…me no like prank calls or phone solicitors) to let me know he stuck in traffic.  Civil delivery human nice to call.

Civil delivery human found my cave and leave pizza at door.  Smells delicious!  Pizza not very warm, though, so use Pizza Yeti microwave to warm it up.

Me not think Vennari’s is great pizza.  Me not think Vennari’s is good pizza.  Vennari’s is okay pizza.  It taste very salty, with a little bit of spicy bite.  The sauce was not noticeable.  The ground beef seemed to overpower the entire pizza, so ordering that was a mistake.  Me get thin crust because me watching my youthful figure.  This was a good choice since even the thin crust was more than adequate.

Vennari’s gets a solid 2 out of 5 fishies.  <>< <><