Royal Pizza Subs & Wings


Pizza Yeti HUNGRY!  Me order pizza!  Me LOVE pizza!  Me try ROYAL PIZZA SUBS & WINGS!

Pizza come fast!  Civil Pizza Delivery Human did good.  That good cuz me HUNGRY!  Me get large thin crust with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers.  Me eat half of pizza.  Pizza is good.  Nice taste, not too salty or spicy.  Good average pizza.  No frills.  Me no like frills.  Frills are ridiculous.  Royal Pizza not have frills.  All toppings taste fresh.  Lots of toppings.  That good, too.

Me save leftover pizza for later.  Me store in cave fridge.  Cave fridge is cold, so pizza get cold fast.  Me find old pizza in cave fridge.  Hmmmm…me don’t remember where old pizza come from.  Me smell old pizza.  It smell fine.  Me decide old pizza still okay, so me save for snack.

Me wait until next day to eat more Royal pizza.  Me heat in cave oven.  Cave oven big.  Not big like pizza oven, but big like cave oven.  Pizza not take long to reheat.  Then me eat rest of pizza.  Pizza taste better than when me order.  Crust is crustier…crispier.  Me like.  Cheese is okay.  Just enough.  Lots of mushroom and peppers, and pepperoni.  Me like lots of toppings.

Royal Pizza not great pizza.  Royal okay pizza.  Pizza Yeti order again sometime.  ROAWR!

Me give Royal Pizza 2 and half fishies out of 5.  <>< <>< <>


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